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Our Story

BizZee Art is a custom T-shirt business based out of Houston, Texas. BizZee Art started its customized journey February 2018 with nothing but YouTube as a teacher. 


What you need to know when considering BizZee Art is you will get nothing but good quality, passion, and love put into your order. I also have give aways and sales multiple times a year for different occasions. 


BizZee Art customizes t-shirts for churches, schools, organizations, teams, businesses,baby showers(gender reveals), vacations, weddings, family reunions, memorials, seasonal occasions, you name it, it will be done for you! Not only can you get shirts, but mask, robes, hats, bed sets, graduation stoles, etc. You can choose from many colors and designs and any type of shirt. There's no limit to your vision. 



Hello everyone and thank you for visiting I am the founder of BizZee Art and is set to meet your customized needs. 


Before Devoting my full time to BizZee Art, I was an architectural drafter for 2 years at a firm where I met such amazing people and gained lots of experience. However, when Covid-19 began, I was allowed to change my side business to my full time job. 


I have participated in many pop up shops all around the Houston area.  In these pop up shops, I network and showcase my on hand product. 


When I am not working, I dedicate my  time to my loving Husband, Joshua Hall, our two beautiful daughters, Zaleah and Zariyah Hall, family, and friends. 


BizZee Art means so much to me and i promise to make your vision come true!


I got the Power in my Hands!

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